Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thesis Render

And now for an exciting update in the world of thesis! A render for those hungering to see. It's still mostly animatic and the sound is no more than a rough scratch track. But it will surely entertain you to some extent!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thesis Storyboards

The storyboards for my new thesis. It's about a mother and daughter going to get a new puppy. There's lots of "undertones" and "meanings" in it, but I know you're really just interested in the puppies.

My REAL Thesis: Characters

Hey, you knew all that "thesis about suicide" stuff was a joke, right? Because here's what I really meant to do my thesis on!

Wanna see what my brain looks like?

A few silly characters and whatnot, as seen in "Tara's Sketchbook for the Poor and Incurably Strange"

My Very First Sotryboard (for that OTHER thesis)

Thought it'd be a real hoot to put up my very first storyboard for my original thesis concept. I drew this at the end of my junior year, that's how old it is. (They grow up so fast!)

And now for something completely different...

Interested in what I do all day while you're out working hard? I didn't think so... so I'm posting all pre-production jazz!

That's so last thesis

The mysterious law of MICA animation seniors dictates that there must be one in every class. I am the one. I have changed my thesis- YES! Scandalous, I know, but ultimately a very good choice. So this will be the last of "The Old Thesis," and I bid it a very fond farewell.

Character Sketches and the like: